Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Heywood Wakefield Mystery Mirror

How I found my 
Heywood Wakefield Mystery Mirror

I have always been a Les Schwab kind of guy.  But it was a Sunday, you know? (Les gives his guys the day off on Sundays.  I think so that they can watch football on television.)  So we had to go to an inferior, though still very manly tire store that did not have coffee and pop corn.
Stumbled into a second hand store next door and was drawn to this mirror.  It was calling my name.  lifted it out of the rubble.  It's always so exciting when you find something you really, really like.
I believe this is colloquially referred to as a Heywood Wakefield accessory or dresser mirror.  I do not know the name or line it was made with.  It would have been made around 1950, as my best guess would have it.   Arts and crafts genius.  Hints of mid century modern and deco.  If you're into this type of stuff, this is exciting stuff.
Heywood Wakefield arts and crafts mirror.
It's tough even to find a decent photo of this particular mirror because it's very rare and very cool.   

I immediately liked it but it was too heavy for me to turn over to see if it was marked.  CHZ arrived for the assist and she asked what it said.  I told her, "Heywood Wakefield."  She was like, "Shut your mouth!"

But there it was plain as day.  Well worth the $25 asking price.  

It is in fair to poor condition.  Looks like a homemade repair with toothpaste on one part of the front of it.  IMHO the rarity of the piece holds value even though the condition isn't pristine.  

I would also note that the wood used and craftsmanship of this piece is impressive.  It is heavy and well constructed.  But it's so cool and it might need to go to someone who might restore it and place with another piece similar to it.

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