Monday, June 30, 2014

Blue Jelly Fish with a Sail - Newport Oregon - Velella Jelly Fish

Anyone up for Jelly Fishing?

These little jelly fish have a sail that they use to travel.  They are called Velella Jelly Fish.  I had never seen one before, so I snapped a photo and did some googling.  No one else I ran into on the beach  knew what these were called.

These little jelly fishes are so obscure that they are NOT listed on Wikipedia.  But they are ever so cute and very well designed.  They go a little crazy during the "dating season," and sometimes bunches of them end up on the beach.  That's what I saw, hundreds of these little creatures covering the beach in Newport, Oregon.  Their little sails pointing toward the sky.

How did I identify this Pacific Ocean sea creature?  When my effort to identify it on Wikipedia failed, I went to some very simple googlings … like, "blue jelly fish with a sail on the oregon coast." But that failed as well.

I was pretty sure that it was a jelly fish, although the blue color made me think that it was a Portuguese Man of War.  Then I got lucky.

A friend recommended that I check a local news source at and there I identified my jelly fish.  These jelly fish are called Velella Jelly Fish or Sail Jelly Fish.  
Mike McKenzie © 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Awesome Food - Pork Taquitos from Pura Vida in McMinnville Oregon

Allow me to share some nice food with you.  This is an $8 order of pork taquitos from Pura Vida in McMinnville, Oregon.  This plate of food was adequate for me, but I am a light eater.  Eat more at risk to your own pocketbook.  The presentation was awesome and the entree was laid upon a bed of thin slices cabbage and greens.  Next time I will try the Cuban sandwich.

Mike McKenzie © 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

McMinnville UFO Festival Pet Costume Contest

Zoozoo, my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, in her "Alien Abduction Costume."  Makes me want to sing, "Fly me to the Moon." She won first prize in the McMinnville UFO Festival costume contest.

Finally, after many, many years of failed attempts, I made it to the McMinnville UFO Festival.  Of course, the main reason I went to the UFO festival is because they have a pet costume contest.  And I love to play doggie dress up!

There was a UFO sighting there like 50 years ago or something.  They say that some of the most compelling UFO photographs came out of that sighting.  Sounds like a good excuse to party if you ask me.  

Dress the dog up in a costume? Hey, now you're really talking my language.

The two Chihuahua (all Chihuahuas are space aliens, in case you were wondering) were in silver sparkly costumes and behaved like champions.  They took the coveted 5th place prize.

 Zoozoo's costume include a rocket ship riding monkey on her back.  I walked her out in front of the judges, put her in a sit-stay and then counted it down, "Three, two, one, blast off!"  

Then Zoozoo and I ran and the monkey bounced around on her back in a wildly comedic manner.Zoozoo took home first prize.  Yeah, that's right, first place.  A huge basket of treats AND a $50 gift certificate to Buchanan Cellers, a grain and feed store in McMinnville.

Fun, fun, fun …

Mike McKenzie © 2014

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